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Tire Air v. Nitrogen Permeation Simulation
This EXCEL(TM) spreadsheet performs comparisons of air-inflation versus nitrogen inflation for any metric sized tire (Passenger, Light Truck, or Medium Radial Truck) like those shown at ITEC 2012.  The tire initial nitrogen purity may be entered, as can the nitrogen purity of the gas being used to top off the tire.  Monthly top-off is assumed.  Temperature data for several locations are included, and the user may enter data from other locations as desired.  Plots (monthly for 6 year duration) are generated for  tire nitrogen purity, oxygen permeation, and tire leak rate. 
Tire Wear Before Detachment Simulation
This EXCEL(TM) spreadsheet performs the calculation of rapid wear over a developing tread belt separation.  The methodology behind this calculation was published in the October 7, 2013, edition of Rubber & Plastics News, and presented at the 2014 ITEC.  The worksheet contains a solver written in VBA to find the solution that matches the forensically observed amount of differential wear actually found on the tire.   
Simulation spreadsheets presented in Dr. Daws' work are available for downloading.  These spreadsheets are copyrighted by Daws Engineering, LLC.  They may be exchanged freely.  Please note that the actual computations are contained in protected cells.  Any of the input data can be changed by the user at will.