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John W. Daws, Ph.D., P.E.
Dr. John W. Daws is the Principal Engineer of Daws Engineering, LLC.  He has 20 years of technical and managerial experience in the tire industry, and 15 years experience as a consultant in the field.  Dr. Daws specializes in the analysis of tire failure, having examined tires from machine testing and field returns while working in the tire industry, and having examined hundreds of failed tires in his consulting work.  While in the tire industry, he worked in plant engineering, quality control and tire performance measurement, tire design, tire vulcanization, and tire modeling.
Dr. Daws has participated in the development of passenger tires for vehicle manufacturers as well as for the replacement market, and has extensive experience in the various types of testing performed in those environments.  He also has extensive machine development experience in the tire manufacturing arena, and has spent considerable time relating tire performance to manufacturing processes used in the tire industry.  He was also responsible for the determination of vulcanization effects on tire performance using finite elements analysis, machine testing, and field testing. 
Prior to the founding of Daws Engineering, LLC, Dr. Daws was employed in the Phoenix Office of Exponent Failure Analysis Associates where he consulted on tire technical matters.  He performed research on tire tread separation and vehicle handling with oversize tires.  He also oversaw extensive vehicle forensic work, including accident reconstruction and crash testing. 
Dr. Daws has published papers on the forensic analysis of tire tread separation and the indicators relating to such events.  He has also published papers on the fitment of plus-size tires to vehicles and its relationship to vehicle handling and stability.  In addition, Dr. Daws has published papers in the areas of tire inflation pressure and nitrogen tire inflation, and Standard of Care.  He currently consults on tire forensics, tire application and technology, vehicle handling related to tire fitments, and general engineering matters.